Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis (JSAB) is established in June 2017. It is created as a medium for practitioners, lecturers, and researchers interested in studying the disciplines of secretary and business administration, both in theory and practice. JSAB accepts articles written in English or Indonesian. By this, it categorised as bilingual journal. In this context, it related only to the selection of languages used, English or Indonesian. Thus, authors may choose the language in which they excel, English or Indonesian. Moreover, this policy is expected to embrace more authors originated from various regions both national and international levels.

Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis (JSAB) is published twice a year that is in February and August. In every issue, it disseminates eight research articles, thus in a volume sixteen articles are announced. Due to the technical issues, the first publication was in October 2017. In its first publication, it has been indexed by Google Scholar. Besides that, starting from 6th April 2018 onwards, JSAB applies DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to all of its published articles. Therefore, every manuscript circulated will be accompanied by DOI numbers. This is done to make the articles easy to trace and cite. Moreover, in June 2018 it applies article metrics in all of its published articles and on 21st November 2018, the template of the journal was revised slightly. The alteration was related to the research methodology (previously research method) and the addition of one section that is 'future research direction'. 

On 28th November 2018, Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis (JSAB) is indexed by IPI (Indonesian Publication Index), now known as Garuda (Garba Rujukan Digital). On 8th February 2019, the journal footer was improved. The revision was related to the deletion of its English translation name "Journal of Secretary & Business Administration".

On 26th September 2019, Jurnal Sekretaris dan Administrasi Bisnis is accredited by KEMENTERIAN RISET, TEKNOLOGI, DAN PENDIDIKAN TINGGI DIREKTORAT JENDERAL PENGUATAN RISET DAN PENGEMBANGAN with the result of S4 (SINTA 4).