Peer Review Process

The research article submitted to Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis will be peer-reviewed. It means that there will be some experts or an expert assess(es) the validity and reliability of the manuscript given. When it happened, the author must correct the improper parts advised by the reviewer(s). Having corrected, the journal article must be re-submitted to the portal of Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis. The process will be repeated until the reviewers satisfy with the article handed. Once the article accepted, it will be published online.     

Moreover, Jurnal Sekretaris & Administrasi Bisnis follows a double blind peer-review process whose characteristics are objective and fair. These are applied to acquire an excellent quality of journal articles published.  

The criteria evaluated are:

  1. Novelty of the topic
  2. Originality
  3. Scientific reliability
  4. Valuable contribution to the science
  5. Structure of the article submitted and its relevance to templates and authors’ guidelines
  6. References  to support the content written